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131 hectares for logistics and industry

Thanks to its ideal position on the outskirts of Toulouse and to the quality of its facilities, EUROCENTRE is today’s solution for firms looking for high-performance infrastructures and logistic services :

As the leading French facility by the extent of its services, EUROCENTRE will, be home to a hundred-odd companies. The synergy thus created will result in an expansion of trade and in the development of traffic in storage, transport and distribution of goods.

An offer meeting all requirements

The total buildable area authorized is 600 000m2 for all businesses related to the production, storage, distribution and transport of goods.

The land can be divided into plots ranging in size from 2000m2 to several dozen hectares, to meet all kinds of requirements.

43 hectares are sited overlooking the motorway

and are intended for those firms who whish to flag their presence on this busy motorway.

88 hectares can be directly connected to the railway

and thus benefit from the dedicated rail access and shunting hub of EUROCENTRE.